Mikael Boulic (Massey University)

Mikael Boulic

Senior Lecturer, School of Built Environment

Massey University

My area of expertise is focused on the interface of the Building Technology and Public Health. I have been leading a few intervention studies where we investigated the relationship between domestic heaters, ventilation, and the level of pollutants (mould, bacteria, chemicals, and moisture) in homes and in classrooms. These studies had a strong sympathy for vulnerable communities with low income, Māori and Pasifika communities being particularly at risk through a higher burden of disease.

In collaboration with NIWA, BRANZ and industry, we have developed the SKOMOBO project (SKOol MOnitoring BOx), a low-cost monitoring platform for indoor environment monitoring. Recently, we started to investigate the performance of solar ventilation system for school environment.


Research interests

  • Indoor Air Quality;
  • Ventilation;
  • Wellbeing;
  • Low-cost monitoring/IoT;
  • School environment.



20 November 2023

Healthy indoor air is a fundamental necessity and poor indoor air quality is responsible for both economic costs and loss of life. New Zealand studies have indicated the presence of pollutants in homes. Preliminary findings from an ongoing study shows that indoor personal exposure of some chemicals appears high.


18 March 2020

This study investigates the thermal efficiency of a solar air heater (SAH), when it was mounted on a custom-made support frame, and was operated under different air mass flow rate.


12 April 2018

A low-cost, low power consumption indoor environment monitoring device, called SKOMOBO (SKOol Monitoring Box), was developed. SKOMOBO includes the sensors to monitor temperature/relative humidity, carbon dioxide, particulate matter (PM) and motion (PIR). SKOMOBO was developed using the open source software on Arduino Pro Mini.