27 April 2023

New Zealanders need to be more aware of indoor air quality and its impact on health, particularly over winter, caution the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, the Indoor Air Quality Research Centre of New Zealand (IAQRC) and NIWA.


18 October 2022

Improving ventilation in indoor spaces is a key strategy to prevent Covid-19 transmission, but it is unclear whether extensive messaging about this is changing behaviour or reducing transmission. Funded by the Ministry of Health, NIWA air quality researchers are carrying out research to understand ventilation behaviour and examine how well spaces used by our most vulnerable populations are, and could be, ventilated.



14 October 2022

Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | The Ministry of Education has developed a series of downloadable resources to support schools with good ventilation. They provide guidance relating to:

  • Ventilation in a space
  • Portable air cleaners
  • CO2 monitoring

A link to COVID-19 Ventilation research and studies is also provided.


11 April 2022

Building experts are pushing for ventilation systems to be compulsory in all new homes to help curb Covid-19 and other airborne diseases.


27 February 2022

In the Covid-19 era, sneezing loudly in the office can turn heads, especially if the perpetrator is un-masked.

So, as well as complaining about air conditioning that runs too hot or too cold, workers are now asking whether souped-up ventilation can deal with virus particles, helping slow the spread of Omicron


5 December 2021

As Covid-19 pops up in more places, the Ministry of Education and NIWA are investigating how well ventilated New Zealand classrooms are.


19 February 2020

Radio New Zealand’s Alison Balance interviewed Physicist Bill Trompetter and atmospheric chemist Perry Davy, from GNS Science, highlighting collective effort on air quality issues outside and indoors.


22 February 2019

TVNZ’s Seven Sharp show featured a story initiated by a US researcher who had recently presented that indoor PM concentrations were higher indoors while cooking a roast dinner than the worst US cities.


22 October 2018

Growing evidence that the air we breathe in our homes, schools and offices is an overlooked but potentially huge health threat has prompted calls for new standards.