Teacher and children in a classroom setting

Ventilation resources for schools

14 October 2022

Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga | The Ministry of Education has developed a series of downloadable resources to support schools with good ventilation as follows.

Ventilation in a space

  • A4 Poster: How different ventilation methods compare
  • A4 Poster: Promoting good air flow in schools
  • A4 Poster: Tips for good ventilation in colder weather
  • Technical Advice: Ducted mechanical ventilation systems
  • Property ventilation checklist


Portable air cleaners

  • A4 Poster: Where and when to use air cleaners
  • A4 Poster: Help Slow COVID-19 by using air cleaners
  • A4 Poster: How to use a Samsung portable air cleaner
  • A4 Poster: Where to position your portable air cleaner
  • Setup and User Guide: Samsung Portable Air Cleaners


CO2 monitoring

  • A4 Poster: Help Slow COVID-19 by monitoring CO2 levels
  • Setup and User Guide: Aranet4 Portable CO2 monitors


A link to COVID-19 Ventilation research and studies is also provided.


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