Guy Coulson (NIWA)

Guy Coulson

Group Manager, Urban Air Quality and Health research group


Dr. Guy Coulson has held his current position since 2005.

Guy has over thirty years’ experience in environmental management, research and consulting including twenty-five years as an active researcher in atmospheric chemistry and air quality, and six years in a commercial environment as an environmental and technology management consultant. Guy has a PhD in atmospheric chemistry from the University of Essex, an MSc in environmental assessment from Anglia Ruskin University and a BSc in chemistry from the University of Bradford. He has previously worked as a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey and the University of Essex and as a consultant at Arthur D. Little and Cambridge Consultants.

“I’ve been in the Environment industry most of my working life one way or another. During my time I’ve done most of the jobs, I’ve built footpaths, managed nature reserves, advised multinational corporations on their environmental liability and consulted on Environmental Management Systems. I’ve worked on fuel-cell power systems for cars and ships and the economics of photovoltaic production.

Most of my time however, has been in research; I’ve reconstructed historical climates from Antarctic ice cores, investigated air/snow exchanges of pollutants in the Arctic and the atmospheric processing of pollutants in remote and rural regions. For the past fourteen years I’ve concentrated on understanding urban pollution and creating and managing New Zealand’s most experienced team of air quality researchers.

When I’m not working, I’d rather be climbing mountains.”


Research interests


  • Understanding urban pollution


  • Historical climate reconstruction from Antarctic ice cores;
  • Air/snow exchanges of pollutants in the Arctic;
  • Atmospheric processing of pollutants in remote and rural regions.